Mission Statement

The purpose of Artistic Ewe Yarn is to inspire our customers to realize their creative potential by providing high quality products for a fair and reasonable price. We strive to provide excellent service and will go above and beyond customer expectations. Artistic Ewe Yarn is dedicated to the promotion of and appreciation for the Fiber Arts industry.

Artistic Ewe Yarn is a small independent enterprise located in Roswell, Georgia.

It was an undeniable passion for color that prompted owner Marcey Allen to pursue her dream of dyeing her own line of yarn and offering it to others to enjoy. A student of art and most recently earning her certification as a Redding Method Master Dyer, Marcey is now realizing her dream.

“Artistic Ewe Yarn is all about provoking inspiration in crafters of all ages and ability to embrace their creative instincts,” said Marcey.

Artistic Ewe Yarn offers beautiful yarns, many one-of-a-kind skeins, and many others that will be a permanent part of our collection. In addition to yarns, you can also find beautiful long wool locks and a variety of roving in vibrant colors as well as soft pastels and muted tones.

We also offer some finished products as well, including 100% silk scarves and totes and bags, all of which have been creatively hand dyed by Marcey.

Artistic Ewe Yarn is new, and we have exciting plans for the future. Please join our mailing list to receive information about new inventory and upcoming special offers.

There is an artist in you!

My love affair with color began when I was 5 years old. I had a child-sized bright red table and chairs in my bedroom where I spent hours doing crafts and coloring.

One of my favorite pastimes was working with modeling clay and Play-Doh, not so much to shape the Doh into animals and bugs, but to blend the basic colors into new colors. I could make seven shades of orange! This was a fantastic discovery.

That admiration of color has carried on throughout my life. It was a catalyst for my interest in art in the painted form, as I went on to study art appreciation. You see, I didn’t think there was an “artistic” bone in my body, so no reason to try painting; I would just appreciate the art of others.

Fifteen years ago, I taught myself to knit, which led to spinning, which led to exploring sheep breeds for fiber. More recently I spent three years learning the techniques of acrylic painting. For me, there is a strong correlation between blending shades of color onto a canvas with paint & brush and blending shades of color into yarn and fiber with dye.

In March 2017 I was awarded Master Dyer certification from
The Redding Method of Dyeing.

I received one year of intensive training from Natalie Redding who founded this educational program and who is internationally known and regarded as the proven authority in dyeing protein fiber. Now I am thrilled to be the creator and owner of Artistic Ewe Yarn. I truly believe this is where I am meant to be.

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